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What is IPfaker?

The idea behind IPfaker.net is to give the people access to banned or blocked websites and help to change computer's own IP address without using additional software or a complex environment on your computer. IPfaker server is processing requests from visitors and brings the requested website to it's user. For an example IP faker can download Web sites or files from the worldwide network and redirect them to your computer so you do not have to visit websites yourself. For you, this means that your IP address is hidden behind the IP-Faker server and remains anonymous while surfing the web. Because requests to the Internet are performed by this server, instead of your computer.

How does it work?

IPfaker is nothing more than a server that processes Internet requests from visitors of this website. IPfaker is located on the server in the data center and serves as a point between the user's computer and the destination servers on the Internet. An internet anonymizer like this one intercepts the normal communication at the network level, without requiring a special browser configuration. The requested server will not know about the presence of the anonymizing service from the user and will not receive the real IP address of the end-user.

How secure is IPfaker?

This free anonymizer can cover the usual requirements of anonymity and hide your real IP-address and basic information about your computer, which usually gets sent to a web server. IPfaker is absolutely suitable for general use of the Internet and is well compatible with popular websites such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Hotmail, Gmail and many others. Generally, it is not recommended to use anonymity services to transfer sensitive data, such as online banking, credit card information, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and important online communication. For the same reason, it is not recommended to use IPFaker.net for these purposes. If you still decide to use this service to transfer personal information, you act at your own risk and for the security of your data will not be given any guarantees. Because IP Faker was primarily designed to use Web sites in read-only mode without sending any sensitive information to the World Wide Web.

Are there any restrictions?

There are no restrictions on the bandwidth or the number of requests performed by one single user within an amount of time. Anyone is free to download as many files as he wants, and visit as many sites as he likes. There are no restrictions on the size of the downloaded files, as well as no limiting of the time spend by user while using this internet anonymizing service. The only restrictions are those that are set by the requested site at the other end. For example, many websites may block you if they detect that you are hiding your Browser or OS information from the visited website. Another problem is that not all websites will reveal their full functionality while using an Anonymizer. This happens because most of the websites these days require JavaScript and Cookies being enabled on your Browser, which, at the same time, threatens your anonymity and is absolutely not compatible with the use of anonymizers. To find out about the restrictions on current legislation, please read our "Terms of Service" agreement.

About IPfaker

Ipfaker.net is a simple Internet anonymisation service which is easy to use for dummies and inexperienced computer users. This service is designed to surf the Internet anonymously, without additional software, browser add-ons or network configuration. Simply put, Ipfaker.net is a Plug and Play Anonymizer that works on any internet-enabled device in any corner of the world. The basic idea behind this online tool is to give Internet users around the world access to websites that are not available, blocked on their network or banned in their country. There are two advantages of using online anonymizer: The first benefit is that you can hide the real IP address of your computer and navigate the Internet anonymously. The second advantage is you can access websites even if they are blocked by your network administrator or government. For these two reasons, Ipfaker.net was also created, as it offers you both advantages unlimited and free, without occupy any computer resources such as CPU time or RAM memory.

Do I have to worry about my browser history?

You really don't. After closing this website your browser history becomes unrecognizable. So there is no way to reconstruct your browser behavior. The links created by this online anonymizer are unique and can not be visited again after the end of your surf session..