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What is IPfaker?

IPfaker is your friend and helper in matters Anonymity and unblocking restricted websites. This service is easy to use and is absolutely free of charge. It works without any requirements on your computer or web browser. To start using it, you just need to enter the desired web address and hit the button.


What exactly does IPfaker?

IPfaker is meant to allow the people to access restricted websites and help the people to change their own IP address without using any software or complicated environment on their computer.


How does it work?

IPfaker is a server that does process the requests from the visitors of this website. For example IP faker can fetch the websites or files form the world wide web and forward them to your computer so that you don't have to visit the websites yourself. For you, this means your IP address will remain hidden behind this IP faker server. All requests to the internet are performed by this server and not by your computer any more.


Which requirements you have to meet to start using this online tool?

Nothing. You have nothing to install and nothing to adjust on your computer: It works without a client software and without altering the settings on your internet browser.


How secure is this?

This Free anonymizer is able to cover the regular needs in anonymity and hiding your real Ip address. IPfaker is absolutely suitable for general internet usage and is compatible with popular websites like Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Hotmail, Gmail, Google and many more.

It is generally not recommended to use any anonymity services for serious purposes like online banking and important communication on the web. It is also not recommended to use IP faker for such purposes. If you do so, then you are acting on your own risk and no warranty will be granted for your data.


Do I need to be worried about my browser history?

In generally - No. When you navigate websites by using IPfaker, your browser history becomes generic and useless, since all visited websites will get the same titles and the visited links will become invalid. All links created in your browser history cannot be re-used to visit the same websites again. So if someone will discover your browser history, he will be unable to reproduce your surfing behaviour again.


How to increase my anonymity while surfing the web with IPfaker?

To improve your security and avoid identity leak, you should disable JavaScript, Flash and Cookies support in your browser. Some JavaScripts trying to download additional elements to your computer which may left your IP address inside the log files where the downloaded element is stored. The same applies to the Flash elements that can be download without a secure connection straight into your computer's temporary internet files folder.


Are there any limitations?

In questions Bandwidth, there exist no limit or any restriction. The user may download large files at high speed while using IPfaker. No charges will apply at any point of usage. There are only restrictions in the usage of the web pages visited via this service. Not all websites will unfold their full functionality since the JavaScript usage is very limited due to the security measurements maintained by this Anonymizer.

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